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Top 10 Collaboration Solutions Companies – 2022

Collaboration across teams, offices, and regions is often the difference between success and failure for large organizations when it comes to digital transformation and product innovation. Creating a culture of collaboration is essential — even more, with remote working being the norm for the foreseeable future. Before the pandemic, companies were charging ahead with digital transformation — investing in new ways to collaborate, using AI to improve sales and marketing, and determining which channels were most effective for reaching their customers.

There are now a variety of cloud-based applications that enable more collaborative, productive, agile working—regardless of location. These interfaces range from visual project and task management tools to video, teleconferencing, knowledge management, and workforce collaboration tools. More organizations are committing to building a hybrid work culture that fosters human connection by integrating various communication modes into organizational processes and workflows. In essence, the future of work means less overhead and more productivity, a win for all involved.

This edition of CIOReview Europe highlights the key developments in the collaboration space in Europe. It features a combination of thought leadership articles from Dr. Dominique Massonié, Head of Innovation, Elektrobit, and Lee Sellenraad, Principal, CCM, Certified Lean Innovation, Avison Young Consulting, with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. This edition brings you the stories of some of the most successful Collaboration Solution Providers in Europe in 2022, like SHAREKEY, a one-of-a-kind collaborative application with all-in-one (messaging, drive, call, video, online collaboration, calendar, notes) capabilities. The application is easy to use and is designed to secure business privacy. We hope this edition will provide you with assistance in choosing the right Collaboration Solution Providers according to your requirements. We present to you the Top 10 Collaboration Solutions Providers – 2022.

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    Top Collaboration Solutions Companies

  • Sharekey provides a privacy-focused business collaboration suite, All-in-One, which guarantees confidential communication and data sharing both within and across corporate boundaries. It is particularly suited for use at the highest level of enterprises, such as Top Executives, CXOs, Board Members and their staff. Users need Zero Trust in Sharekey and Sharekey has Zero Knowledge of users’ data and metadata, which ring fences the application from many of the privacy concerns and security threats facing other collaboration platforms.

  • Elisa


    Elisa's goal is to use digitalization to create a sustainable future. They are a leader in 5G, digital services, and telecommunications. In addition to more than 100 other nations, they offer sustainable solutions to more than 2.8 million consumers, businesses, and government agencies in their two key markets of Finland and Estonia

  • Extron


    Extron audiovisual signal processing, distribution, and control devices improve the daily lives of millions of people all over the world. Their cutting-edge technology produces systems that are simpler to operate and more dependable, as well as better-looking visuals and music



    Foliateam handles everything, including business development, team cloud connectivity, and tool upgrades. Partner with Foliateam, a provider of solutions in telecom and IT, aids in the structural transition to the digital age

  • Klaxoon


    The first comprehensive workshop platform is offered by Klaxoon, a leader in collaborative solutions and the future of work. The Workshop Platform is made up of an unrivalled collection of tools that empower teams to complete tasks. Run effective workshops from anywhere while supporting success, boosting cooperation, and propelling your team ahead

  • Pexip


    Flant offer DevOps-as-a-Service with CI/CD, modern Kubernetes-based infrastructure, and best practices for the cloud-native applications. They are focusing on highly-loaded web applications, performing their containerization, and deploying them to Kubernetes while making life easier for developers in the process

  • TeamDrive Systems

    TeamDrive Systems

    TeamDrive Systems develops and markets collaboration software for easy and secure collaboration over the internet. Its product, TeamDrive, enables the availability at any time of the latest versions of files and documents, even offline and without having to start the application

  • Trace One

    Trace One

    Specialised in the CPG and retail industries, Trace One helps brand owners develop higher-quality, trusted, and compliant products and allows them to collaborate and innovate on remarkable products that consumers demand

  • Valo Solutions

    Valo Solutions

    Valo Solutions helps organisations globally enhance employee communications and effective organisational development by offering a Microsoft intranet and tools beyond communication to build a digital workplace

  • Zextras


    Zetras develops advanced open-source email and collaboration solutions focused on data governance and ownership designed for organisations to achieve digital sovereignty and help customers obtain the best possible email platform

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